Terumo Vet Syringe

Our Terumo vet syringe provides a smooth and perfectly controlled injection for reliable drug delivery.

Carefully selected materials – free from PVC or natural rubber latex – together with a controlled production process result in products of excellent quality and performance.

Performance-enhancing features:

3- Part Syringe
Silliconisation for optimal and smooth plunger movement
A firm and definite end-stop helps prevent the plunger from accidentally being pulled out
Finger grips support easy handling

Safety enhancing features:

A transparent barrel provides easy recognition of air bubbles
Clear printing allows precise dose management
Easy recognition of air bubbles or flashback through the translucent hub

  • IN109 – 20ml Luer Lock Centric
  • IN110 – 50ml Slip Tip Eccentric
  • IN112 – 50ml Catheter Tip
  • IN113 – 2.5ml Luer Lock Centric
  • IN115 – 10ml Luer Lock Centric
  • IN116 – 30ml Slip Tip Eccentric
  • IN118 – 1ml Luer Slip Concentric
  • IN119 – 3ml Luer Slip Concentric
  • IN120 – 3ml Luer Lock Concentric
  • IN121 – 5ml Luer Slip Concentric
  • IN122 – 10ml Luer Slip Eccentric
  • IN123 – 20ml Luer Slip Eccentric

If you require any assistance or further information regarding our Terumo vet syringe or any other veterinary needles and syringes, feel free to contact us today.

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