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BLOG POST: Working on flying changes with a long term goal

By 6th May 2018News

Dare I say it, is Summer actually on its way? I absolutely love the first weekend in May, not because it’s a Bank Holiday but because it’s Badminton Week!!!! All of my attention turns to following every rider every step of the way and I have just thoroughly enjoyed watching Oliver Townend ride an absolutely beautiful dressage test to go into the lead at the end of day 2. The Grand Slam is ON!!! I’ll be glued to the cross country tomorrow and can’t wait to see how it all pans out!


Back to the real world and Herbie continues to go really well. I feel he is pretty established at medium now (although there’s always room for improvement) so I am spending some time working on this flying changes so we can make the step up to advanced medium. I haven’t competed since Winter Regionals as sometimes I think you need to put the work in at home and competitions can almost become a bit of a distraction. The priority has to be his flying changes so I want to nail them before I get back out.


The changes are going really well and I’m so happy with the natural ability he is showing in that department. He still needs to strengthen up further and learn to ‘sit’ more but it’s all a work in progress. The long term aim is to get these flying changes and then crack on with the advanced mediums and hopefully then onto Prix Saint George. I hope Herbie knows he’s still a long way from getting a steadier life!!


My naughty boys

All three of the horses (Herbie and the two babies) love the better weather and chance to live out, Mum even found Herbie in the garden one morning last week, he must have got bored in the night and gone for a wander! Herbie’s known for picking things up and throwing them around (wheel barrows, water buckets, grooming kits, rugs, the list goes on) and it seems he’s been teaching Bruce (our 2yo) bad habits! I took the hosepipe out to fill out their water trough earlier in the week and next time I looked Bruce had hold of it in his teeth dancing around spraying the other two with water!! Herbie has a lot to answer for! Our 3yo, Ginny (the only female) just watches them both thinking they’re very silly boys!


I hope everyone has a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend and enjoys this much improved weather!


 Lucie and The Herbster 

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