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Have you ever thought your horse might benefit from a calming supplement?

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What is Chillax?

Chillax has been developed to solve the problem of stress or nervousness in competition horses and contains no prohibited substances. It is a nutritional supplement which will calm and focus horses within 60-90 minutes and has been used to great effect by professional and amateur competitors. It enables horses to compete with a higher level of focus and performance.

What makes Chillax different?

It’s a scientifically designed nutritional supplement containing a blend of fast absorbing chelated magnesium combined with marine and dairy peptides. These natural peptides help restore the chemical balance to the central nervous system allowing the horse to provide a fully focused performance.

Marine peptides are found in several species of fish and shellfish and scientists believe they could have a major impact on animal and human health. Dairy peptides help build serotonin which lowers stress levels.

Professionals use Chillax

Grand National winning Jockey David Mullins “We have used Chillax on frisky two year olds with great success,” said David. “It has worked really well and much more effective than other calmers that we have tried.”

Olympic equestrian gold medallist Phillip Dutton has also been impressed by the results from using Chillax. Phillip, who has won two Olympic golds and bronze while competing for the USA, said: “Chillax is the best product on the market today by far to keep my horses focused and confident when competing .”

International show jumper and respected competition horse breeder Marion Hughes of Kilkenny “Chillax really helps my more excitable horses to relax and keep their mind on their job without compromising on their reactivity that is required for world class show jumping.”

Event rider and BHS Instructor Emily Bradshaw has also been impressed by Chillax. “I used Chillax on my sharp thoroughbred, an Intermediate BE Event horse. He would normally be very tense and tight in a Dressage test environment but became very ride-able during our last outing,” It took the edge off his nerves without sedating him. I was very impressed with the Chillax product, not only did we win our last class, but he felt much more relaxed and focused!”

Chillax has been developed to be simple to use and pleasant for horses to take with an apple flavoured solution administered orally or mixed with feed.

More information on Chillax can be found at www.chillax-equine.co.uk

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