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Facing a new challenge stepping up a level at the Winter Regionals

By 27th February 2018News

What better time to write my monthly blog than when the snow is coming down in bucket fulls and the country is at a standstill?!

February is always about Winter regionals for Herbie and me, it’s often a challenge to get in all of the training required due to the weather but we battle on and knowing it’s the same for everyone makes it a bit easier, that said, I’m still trying to persuade Dad to build me an indoor school….I can always dream!

This year’s regionals was my first year competing purely at Medium level so I always knew it was going to be more of a challenge, it takes time to establish yourself at a level and having become relatively comfortable at Elementary I was ready for a new challenge. I had two classes, the Freestyle to music and the ‘normal’ test. It was the ‘normal’ test first and Herbie felt great in my warm up, even if my legs didn’t….I got some fancy new boots at the end of last year but they’re still quite tight and I underestimated how long I should wear them for in order for them to ‘give’ (I may have also had a little too much turkey over Christmas!!!). I was deliberating between doing them up and not being able to feel my legs, versus not doing them up and risking them coming completely undone as the test went on! I opted in favour of being able to feel my legs and just hoped for the best! Zoe Rymer (my long time trainer) warmed me up and helped to take my mind off the numb legs!

Thankfully the zips stayed up and Herbie was a little star, he rose to the occasion and I felt he was very much with me throughout. We scored a personal best at Medium of just over 68% which left us in 6th, the winner had a score of 69% so I was thrilled with our score. We scored 64% at last year’s Summer regionals so definite progress.

Our music went well but I didn’t feel it was quite as polished as our first test had been, we still ended up in 7th but I know it could have been a little bit better. I have always put the music together myself but as we move up the levels I think I may need to enlist a professional for my next attempt, especially as I’ve never been known for my music prowess!!

Herbie is now having a well-earned rest while we start to focus on Ginny Rumber, our 3yo homebred filly. We’re hoping to back her once all this horrible weather is done with so things don’t show any signs of slowing down!

For now though, I’m going to put another layer on and turn the heating up a notch!!


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