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How does your practice transport cold chain products? Vet-Cool

By 23rd January 2018News
Vet wearing Vet-Cool bag feeding and walking dogs

Vet-Cool – The Ultimate Cold Chain Solution

All medicinal products require controlled storage and transit conditions in order to ensure their quality is not compromised.  This applies to products such as vaccines, insulins, and blood products, which normally require storage between 2°C and 8°C. This is where the Vet-Cool system could help your practice.

It is mandatory that your records show reliable up-to-date evidence of compliance, for audit purposes and investigations from the MHRA and other stakeholders.


Vets, particularly large animal vets, carry sensitive drugs within their vehicles on a daily basis, and without an easy way, keep medications stabilised there is a significant risk of vaccine breakdown or medication being exposed to challenging temperatures.  The extreme temperatures that can be reached within cars on a sunny day can have a significant effect on the performance of these drugs, while a lot of vaccines, in particular, have to be stored between +2°  and +8° c, even the majority of standard antibiotics have a maximum storage temperature of +20° c.

In the current climate of fears over antibiotic use and resistance, storing medication correctly, especially whilst in transit, will help maintain its effectiveness.  Having a vaccine breakdown may not be apparent straight away, or even in the weeks following a vaccination programme.  However once a problem has been identified the cost related to loss of livestock and revaccination can run very high indeed.  Vet Way has drawn on expertise to bring to market their ‘Vet-Cool’ to help promote ‘best practice’ in both Veterinary and Farming establishments.

Once the panels are prepared in the freezer overnight and conditioned, the Vet-Cool will maintain a temperature of between +2° and +8°c (even when repeatedly opened) for up to 5 days.  Once prepared the Vet-Cool doesn’t rely on any additional power source, unlike more traditional plug-in fridges that will turn off with the engine!  It has also been stress tested in conditions up to +35°c.

Vet-Cool; a worthwhile investment to protect the effectiveness of vaccines and other drugs. Correct storage and handling of veterinary medications ensure drug effectiveness and reduce the risk of ineffectual treatment.

Vet in the City, Ciara Clarke BSc Hons, BVSc, MRCVS, is a regular user of the Vet-Cool system; “As a mobile vet, I needed a vaccine storage system that could conveniently be transported both in a vehicle and in the field. This device also had to provide reliable thermal protection- keeping vaccines at a stable 2-8 degree temperature. Often my work takes me to areas where I can’t rely on a mains power, so the device had to achieve cold chain compliance without the need for an environmentally unfriendly running car engine or electric point.  The Vet-Cool system delivers exactly what I need for my mobile veterinary business. It also passed VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate) inspection in November 2017”. 

The Vet-Cool system comes in two sizes; a 4L and 11L system.  Both sizes of Vet Cool have 4 cool panels. These panels are placed in a freezer and removed when the system is needed. Each insert has a “Ready for Use” indicator which lets you know when the panels have reached the correct temperature range.

Vet-Cool provides “best in class” thermal protection for drugs and vaccines against the harshest of external temperatures up to the point of administration, keeping vaccines between 2 – 8 degrees for over 65 hours, protecting your vaccines and livestock.

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