Vet Field Kits – with Serum Clot Activator



Variety of options available with or without needles/tubes:

  • FK023 – 10 Boxes of 50 x 1″ 18g Serum Activated Field Kits
  • FK024 – 10 Boxes of 50 x 1.5″ 18g Serum Activated Field Kits
  • FK025 – 10 Boxes of 50 x 1″ 20g Serum Activated Field Kits
  • FK026 – 10 Boxes of 50 x 1.5″ 20g Serum Activated Field Kits
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Product Description

Vet-Way Veterinary Field Kits are designed for the safe and effective transport of blood samples from extraction to laboratory presentation. The Category B compliant solution is equipped for sample traceability with sequential barcode numbering on all test tubes.

The new serum clot activator field kits contain tubes where the inner wall of the serum tube is specially coated with microscopic silica particles, which activate the coagulation process. Serum separator tubes contain a separation gel in the base of the tube; during centrifugation, this gel forms a stable barrier between the serum and the blood cells.


Labs can sample directly from them, which means:

  • It reduces the risk of sample handling errors
  • Reduces the cost of processing as no aliquot tubes, additional caps or additional barcodes are required
  • Less time preparing samples, so testing can be carried out quicker
  • Reduced sample storage requirements
  • Allows technicians to go back to the original tube to check labelling details in case of a query