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Purified Vs Distilled Water in your Autoclave

By 2nd February 2018Uncategorised

Distilled Water IS Purified Water! Purified Water is the lifeblood of your practice autoclave. 

The process of distillation is one of the technologies used to purify water. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is another technology that is used to purify water, this occurs by filtering the water and forcing it through a thin permeable membrane which removes most solid contaminants and dissolved minerals. Then Deionisation (DI) which removes the ions from the water and produces a very high purity level.

The big difference is that boiling water through Distillation consumes a tremendous amount of energy; all the water has to be boiled until there’s none left (it’s all turned to steam). A very energy intensive process! Conversely, Reverse Osmosis technology consumes far less energy, commercial systems like Vet Way’s RO water plant utilises energy efficient pumps to perform their purification, and the end result has considerably less impact on the environment.

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