Reduce the risk of costly vaccine breakdowns

  • Many vaccines must be stored at fridge temperature from the point of manufacture until they are administered.
  • Effectiveness of the vaccine decreases significantly within hours of being exposed to warm/cold environments, costing hundreds of pounds in wasted vaccine, re-vaccination and loss of livestock.
  • Vet-Cool provides “best in class” thermal protection for your drug or vaccine against the harshest of external temperatures up to point of administration, keeping your vaccines at between 2-8 degrees for in excess of 65 hours, protecting your vaccines and your livestock.
  • No need to worry about power supply. Bottles are prepared overnight in a domestic freezer.
  • Vaccinate all day, in the sun, knowing the last vaccine will be as effective as the first.
  • Available in 4 litre and 11 litre systems.
Vet-Cool bag and ice pack from Vet-Way UK