BD Emerald Syringes


Pack size: x100

  • Reduction in material means that if half of the world’s syringes were converted to BD Emerald™, 15,000,000kg of waste could be saved per year – the equivalent of the weight of approximately 200,000 people, enough to fill two Olympic stadiums
  • Designed for a perfect fit when connected with a needle hub or catheter, ensuring minimal discomfort to the patient and reduced risk of injury
  • BD Emerald™ Syringes must meet over forty specific criteria before they are qualified for use
  • Green stopper and bold scale markings aid in setting an accurate dose, with a robust retaining ring to help prevent accidental plunger rod pull-out
  • Flange size and shape provides stability and comfort during use, whilst the textured thumb press reduces slippage during administration
  • Comply with International Standards: CE marked, ISO 7886-1 and ISO 594
  • Does not contain natural rubber latex

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Suggestions for needle use

IN017 – Hypodermic Needle 25 G 16mm 5.8′ ORANGE x100 These needles are recommended for use in small furries and also when administering small volumes to cats and dogs such as for sedation and pre medication for anaesthesia.
IN018 – Hypodermic Needle 23 G 16mm 5.8′ BLUE x100 These needles are recommended for use for most injections for small animals such as vaccinations and non viscous liquids.
IN019 – Hypodermic Needle 22 G 25mm 1′ BLACK x100
IN024 – Hypodermic Needle 21 G 25mm 1′ GREEN x100 Theses needles can be used for subconjunctival injections of livestock on non viscous injections in youngstock.
IN025 – Hypodermic Needle 21 G 16mm 5/8′ GREEN x100 The needles are usually used for the administration of viscous injectables in small animals.
IN026 – Hypodermic Needle 20 G 25mm 1′ YELLOW x100 These needles are usually used for injecting small ponies and foals.
IN027 – Hypodermic Needle 19 G 25mm 1′ CREAM x100 These needles are usually used for injecting small ruminants and calves with non viscous injectables.
IN028 – Hypodermic Needle 18 G 40mm 1.5′ PINK x100 These needles are used for injecting adult cattle with non viscous injectables.

These needles can also be used for inserting into saline bags for wound flushing.        

IN029 – Hypodermic Needle 16 G 40mm 1.5′ WHITE x100 These needles are used for injecting adult cattle with non viscous injectables

How many times can I use a needle?

Our needle range is single use only and all needles should be disposed of in a designated sharps bin for incineration.

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