Vet-Way have been designing, manufacturing and supplying sample transport packaging into the veterinary market for over twenty years. These sample transport solutions are created with the customer in mind; ease of use, compliance and cost. The quality of both the customer service and final product are at the forefront of the process.

We’ve built our reputation on our speed of response, innovation, quality and regulatory compliance when supplying to business of all sizes, from single location vets to multi-site farms and a range of market leading veterinary wholesalers. Our range of compliant sample packaging includes:

  • Vet Field Kits
  • Temperature controlled sample transport solutions
  • Blood sample postal kits, needles and tubes
  • Gamma Test Kits
  • Faecal egg count kits

Our sample packaging solutions ensure compliance meeting all applicable performance requirements of the UN, IATA, ADR and 49CFR transport regulations. Ordering the sample packaging is quick and easy and can be completed through our online shop. Alternatively, if you have any questions about our sample transport solutions or transporting a specific specimen or sample please contact a member of the Vet-way team.

Veterinary Field Kits

Vet-Way Veterinary Field Kits provide an effective solution for the transportation of multiple blood samples from extraction to laboratory. The solutions are delivered ready to use with sequentially numbered barcodes provided on all test tubes for ease of tracking and complete sample traceability.

The field kits are provided with test tubes, needles, absorbent, compliantly labelled outer and a leak proof bag to allow for the transportation of Category B infectious substances. The systems are available in multiple formats and can be used for a variety of screening programmes, eradication schemes and routine testing of livestock.

Temperature Controlled Solutions

When transporting vaccines, temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and temperature critical samples maintaining the payload at a specific temperature range is vital. Many vaccines and antibiotics must be stored at fridge temperature (2°C – 8°C) from the point of manufacture until they are administered. The Vet-Cool provides exceptional thermal protection, maintaining either a 4L or 11L payload at 2°C – 8°C for a minimum of 65 hours.

The Vet-Cool is lightweight and easy to carry meaning it can be used to transport large numbers of vaccines, meaning vaccinating livestock can be an effective, safe and efficient process.

Vet-Cool veterinary transportation from Vet-Way
Postal Kits

Blood Sample Postal Kits

Compliance is simple when using Vet-Way postal kits. The kits are fully certified to comply with UN regulations for the transportation of infectious substances. The kits are supplied with absorbent, a leak proof 95KPA bag and pre-printed outer packaging to compliantly send category B UN3373 infectious substances.

The kits are also lightweight and conveniently sized to provide a variety of cost benefits when transporting the sample across the country.

Needles and Blood Tubes

Needles and blood tubes come in variety of sizes offering varying user benefits depending on the type of product used. Alongside the range of complete veterinary sample transport solutions an extensive range of needles and blood tubes can be purchased separately to ensure the right product is used for the testing or screening of livestock.

Blood collection tubes for veterinary practice
Sample extraction tools

Sample Packaging

Vet-Way have been supplying a wide range of veterinary sample transport solutions to veterinary leading wholesalers for twenty years. This experience has led to Vet-Way supplying a variety of sample transport solutions for the below applications:

  • Faecal egg count kits
  • Gamma Test Kits
  • Sample extraction tools

If you are required to transport a veterinary sample and are unsure of what packaging solution would be most effective, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team.