Vet H2O Distilled Grade Water

Vet H2O Instrument Water is de-ionised and suitable for use in a wide range of applications where the highest purity water is required.

This water has had all its mineral ions, including iron, calcium, copper, chloride removed. It does not contain any chemicals or harmful toxins, making it clean and safe. Because of the high level of purity in the water, it can be used in a huge variety of businesses.

What can Vet H2O Instrument Water be used for?

  • Manufacturing healthcare products
  • Manufacturing cosmetics
  • Chemical mixtures
  • Laboratory solutions
  • Preparation of electrolytes for alkaline and acid-based batteries
  • Dilution of anti-freeze chemicals
  • Rinsing of circuit boards
  • Washing equipment in the electronics industry
  • Windscreen wash and radiator water in vehicles
  • To fill steam irons and mops
  • Sterilisation of medical equipment

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