Operational Sustainability and Supply Chain Security

Vet Way is dedicated to operational sustainability with a strong focus on supply chain security. By collaborating with UK and EU manufacturers, the company aims to ensure a reliable and responsible supply of products, minimizing disruptions. Transparency with customers regarding product sourcing, manufacturing, and pricing is a priority. Vet Way also works closely with end-users to innovate and develop new product lines, helping them make informed and educated choices.

Vet Hands Sustainability
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Employee Engagement & Environmental Responsibility

Employee engagement is a cornerstone of Vet Way’s business strategy. The company maintains positive feedback from regular independent surveys, fostering staff retention and development within its growing business. On the environmental front, Vet Way is committed to producing or sourcing eco-friendly products packaged in recyclable materials. Additionally, the company strives to continuously reduce energy consumption in its manufacturing processes, furthering its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Eco Herd Kits


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