Vet-Hands 4% Chlorhexidine Surgical Scrub

4% Chlorhexidine broad spectrum antiseptic, surgical scrub particularly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Suitable for pre and post-operative skin antisepsis as well as routine hand washing.

Vet-Hands Chlorhexidine Scrub with 4.0% Chlorhexidine is a broad spectrum, antiseptic skin cleanser for topical use in both pre-operative and post-operative skin disinfection. 

Due to its suitability for a wide range of applications where hygiene is of paramount importance; Vet-Hands Chlorhexidine Scrub is particularly effective against bacteria and fungi and suitable for pre and post-operative skin antisepsis and routine hand washing.

Directions For Use:

Wet hands and forearms with water, apply 5ml of our antimicrobial skin cleanser, and wash thoroughly for at least one minute. A little water may be added to develop lather. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a sterile towel.

For incision site disinfection, moisten the area and wash with the for several minutes using the hand surgical scrub and a sterile gauze.

Contains chlorhexidine gluconate 4.0%, which is an antimicrobial agent.

Chlorhexidine kills a wide range of bacteria and yeasts and some fungi and viruses. It binds strongly to skin, mucosa and other tissues and is therefore poorly absorbed into the skin. It is used to kill micro-organisms that are found on the skin and thus prevent them from causing infection. This makes Vet-Hands an extremely potent hand disinfectant.

Active ingredients: Chlorhexidine gluconate 4.0%

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