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Vet-Way Field Kits in Herd and Flock Surveillance

Vet-Way field kits provide an efficient, user-friendly solution to blood sampling large numbers of cattle [...]

Vet H20: purified water for autoclaves

We are all very aware of the environmental pressures facing us today. As veterinary professionals, [...]

Cold chain – Best practice for veterinary vaccines & medicines

Veterinary vaccines and other veterinary medicines, provide a crucial role in preventative health for livestock [...]

How temperature-controlled packaging innovation is helping the animal health sector deliver on vital vaccine compliance

Temperature-controlled packaging advancements are often automatically associated with the human healthcare and pharmaceutical sector; however, [...]

Treating Lameness of the Equine Foot

The National Equine Health Survey in 2018 reported that lameness as a syndrome affected 29% [...]

Purified Versus Distilled Water in your Autoclave

Which is best for your autoclave, distilled water or purified water? Our experts explain it [...]

Have you ever thought your horse might benefit from a calming supplement?

Chillax has been developed to solve the problem of stress or nervousness in competition horses [...]

Equine Gait Analysis Technology

Ever wondered how your horse is really moving? Equine Gait Analysis is the science behind [...]

We’re Hiring: Customer Service and Sales Support Exec

We're looking for an enthusiastic Customer Service and Sales Support Exec to support our sales [...]

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