What to consider when using livestock or veterinary lubricant?

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What is veterinary lubricant?

Veterinary lubricant plays a crucial role in the day-to-day life of all farm vets. From routine fertility work to obstetrics, no vet ever wants to be without copious amounts of veterinary lubricant in their car boot. 

Although the subject of lubricants never fails to muster up light-hearted satire, there are some serious points to consider when choosing which brand to buy for your practice. There are several brands on the UK market, and not all reach the standard required for ruminant interventions!

What to consider when looking into livestock veterinary lubricant?

Firstly, we must always consider biosecurity with any equipment carried from one farm to another. Within one day, a vet can travel to several farms and so not only are they a potential fomite, but partly used bottles of lubricant can also provide the perfect vessel for infectious disease transmission. The Vet Way Livestock Lube has an extendable nozzle that allows the bottle to be covered with a rectal examination glove to minimise fecal contamination. The nozzle can then be disinfected after use on a farm. This nozzle is also very useful from a practical point of view when it comes to obstetrics. The extendable nozzle allows easy application of the lubricant into the vaginal canal. Sometimes a handful is not enough!

The next contentious issue with any lubricant is its consistency.  Some lubricants are very watery and do not cling to where you apply them. This can be very frustrating when applying lubricant to a calf’s head and the majority will most likely end up on the floor! This is very unhelpful and more importantly a costly waste. The Vet Way Livestock Lube has a great level of viscosity that allows it to be smeared on the calf, lamb or birth canal without running off.

Finally, all vets will be familiar with the dreaded spillage of lubricant in the visit box. The Vet Way Livestock Lube nozzle has a firmly fitting plug on the nozzle, ensuring a tight closure.  If your bottle does tip over in the car there will be minimal leakage.

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Veterinary lubricant

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