BD Hypodermic Needles

Vet-Way are proud to be distributors of BD Hypodermic Needles.

  • IN025 – 21 G 16mm 5/8″ GREEN x100
  • IN027 – 18 G 40mm 1.5″ PINK x100

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Additional information

  • Easy penetration, smooth gliding force during insertion/withdrawal and reduced catheter friction while sliding through tissue is a result of the following:
  • Three bevel precision grinding of needle bevel
  • Targeted needle surface polishing process
  • Proprietary needle lubrication process
  • Thin walls permit the use of thinner needles with larger lumen thus increasing flow rates during injection and collection
  • Recommended use: intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous injections and aspiration
  • Hub and colour coding in compliance with ISO standards
  • Sterile, single use


Suggestions for needle usage

IN025 – Hypodermic Needle 21 G 16mm 5/8″ GREEN x100 The needles are usually used for the administration of viscous injectables in small animals.
IN027 – Hypodermic Needle 19 G 25mm 1″ CREAM x100 These needles are usually used for injecting small ruminants and calves with non viscous injectables.

How many times can I use a needle?

Our needle range is single use only and all needles should be disposed of in a designated sharps bin for incineration.

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